The CST3000 MF/HF transmitter

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CST3000 MF transmitter - Brochure Page 3
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Available MF transmitter and HF transmitter models:

  • CST3001 - 1kW Transmitter
  • CST3005 - 5kW Transmitter
  • Note: This is a replacement of the previous "ZENITEL" CST2001 transmitter (1kW transmitter), CST2002 transmitter (2.5kW transmitter) and CST2005 transmitter (5kW transmitter).
CST3001 details
CST3001 MF/HF transmitter

CST3001 - MF/HF Transmitter

General characteristics:

Size3U height
Power consumptionTypical 2KVA for 1kW PEP
ProtocolHTML, Web-socket, SNMP
Remote controlWeb-interface (Google Chrome or Firefox)
Modulation typesJ3E (voice), A1A (CW), F1B (DSC and NAVTEX), ISB, ...

Typical Maritime applications:

Application area Application type
MaritimeVoice communication (SSB | J3E)
MaritimeDSC transmitter (GMDSS)
MaritimeNAVTEX transmitter (490 kHz & 518 kHz)
MaritimeNAVDAT Transmitter (upgraded NAVTEX)

Shore-to-ship communication for Sea Area A2 (MF), A3 and A4 (HF)

Typical Aeronautical applications:

Application area Application type
AviationSELCAL (selective calling)
AviationVOLMET (meteorological information)
AviationSSB (voice)

Long range ground-to-air communication for MF | HF

Graphical User Interface

CST3000 Graphical User Interface

image of GUI - CST3000 MF/HF transmitter in Standby

Tab 1: TX details

image of GUI - CST3000 MF transmitter transmitting

CST3000 Transmitting

Power Amplifier details

CST3000 Power Amplifier (PA) details

Digital Frequency Synthesizer details

CST3000 Digital Frequency Synthesizer (DFS) details

Power Supply Unit details

CST3000 Power Supply Unit (PSU) details

Transmitter system log

Tab 2: Transmitter System Log

Transmitter channel table

Tab 3: Transmitter Channel Table

Transmitter mode table

Tab 4: Transmitter Mode table

Transmitter antenna table

Tab 5: Transmitter Antenna Table

Transmitter settings

Tab 6: Transmitter Settings

Transmitter users

Tab 7: Transmitter Users

Transmitter services

Tab 8: Transmitter Services

CST3001 - 1kW Transmitter

CST3005 - 5kW Transmitter

My Project Examples

Some project implementations:

CST3001 HF transmitter

DSC transmitter (1kW transmitter) installed in Senegal

CST3005 MF transmitter

MHF transmitter (1kW transmitter & 5kW transmitter)- installed in Vietnam